Vintage 2013

A wet and cool spring and early summer delayed the evolution and the flowering of the vines for about 10 – 14 days. A hailstorm on May 17th before flowering did also its part in delaying the vines but fortunately did not too much damage to the still very small flower buds. Overall the month of may was colder than in a normal year.

Summer turned out to be hot and dry as usual with temperatures up to 40°C. Still the delay in the vegetative evolution remained and harvest started only 3rd September with the Aragonez, about ten days later than in an average year.

The first two weeks of September were hot with temperatures above 30°C and warm wind. This increased the ripening process and grapes accumulated sugars very fast. On 5th September a thunder storm brought 24 litres of rain (and an 8 hours power blackout). The rain came in the perfect moment and lowered the sugars in the grapes and helped to improve phenolic maturity due to more hanging time of the grapes. When we restarted the picking, grapes had made a step up in quality what concerned flavour and tannins. We had this effect in previous years and it is always a welcomed gift from mother nature.

Grape quality was overall excellent, with not too much need for selection. Some lots of Alicante had more dry berries which created more work on the selection belt.

It was a year of extremes concerning the weather but ended up with solid structured wines with full of intense fruit. They should well fit in the classic style of the Quinta.