Vintage 2010

The year in the vineyards

The vineyards were in excellent condition with no diseases or other problems. Yield regulation was perfectly processed and well adapted to the different blocks. T
he special situation this year was the late change of colour (due to the late flowering) and the very fast ripening process after this, with temperatures up to 40°C.
Nevertheless, phenolic maturity seems to be very good, as first fermented wines showed very good colour and nice mouth feel.

The Aragonez grapes came in with perfect condition and the first fermented wines showed great. Alicante as well delivered almost perfect grapes. The first real Petit Verdot harvest (1000 kg) showed an excellent maturity and acidity and the young wine is extremely dense and of an interesting aroma. This could be an important part in the future Zambujeiro-blend, further increasing structure and complexity of the wine.