Vintage 2008

The year in the vineyards

The 2008 growing season was marked by very difficult flowering conditions. The whole month of May was cold and rainy. Flowering progressed very slowly and uneven, causing smaller grape bunches or in some cases (Castelao) almost a complete loss. This also caused a delay in vegetation of 10 – 14 days. Fortunately the cold temperatures in May limited the risk of Peronospora and no further damage had to be faced. Summer was normal, warm and dry with just a few peaks of over 36°C. Yield reduction was a difficult task as the fruit set was uneven. The delay in ripening at harvest time was 7 – 8 days, compared to an average year. Grape quality was nevertheless excellent. Small bunches, small berries and good phenolic maturity. The exception was the Alicante and Trincadeira (2001 planting) which could not reach complete maturity until picking.

Grape picking

Grape picking started 1st September and ended 19th, one day before the big rain started! A small rainfall on the 12th interrupted the harvest and lowered the sugar content but did not cause further damage. Over the warm weekend the sugars recovered and picking could go ahead. Aprox. 85 tons were harvested.